Coupons & Store Policies

Here is a great place to start because without coupons you simply can not save money on groceries and other household items. If you are new to coupon shopping, this would be the time for you to purchase more than 1 newspaper. I get 4 newspapers every weekend plus I print coupons off the internet (I try to print 8 of each if I can as I have 4 computers in my house and you are allowed 2 prints per computer). There are also a few other ways you can get your coupons besides just buying newspapers.

Internet Printable Coupon Sites:
There are many sites that offer printable coupons. 
Listed below are the main trusted websites that most all stores take.


Mobile Phone Apps:

Other Coupon Sources:

  • Blinkies:  Pull these coupons from the “blinking” machines at the grocery store
  • Peelies:  Coupons that are stuck to the actual product
  • Tearpads:  Pads of coupons typically found on special displays at the store, tear off one or two or three…
  • Home Mailers:  Coupons that are sent directly to your mailbox
  • Magazines:  All You is a magazine sold exclusively at Walmart or via subscription and it almost always has great coupons in it.

Remember to check the store policies regularly for updated Store Policies AND Always take a copy of the Store Policy with you whenever you shop.  You would be surprised at how many store employees are not familiar with their own policy!  Know the Store Policy that way when a situation comes up, you'll know what you're talking about and they wont be able to argue that you're wrong!

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